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PENTRA-硬 EDH is a clear, penetrating, breathable, surface-applied liquid that strengthens, protects and hardens concrete surfaces. PENTRA-硬 EDH  anti-scale treatment helps protect concrete sidewalks, driveways and other concrete surfaces from freeze-thaw damage caused by moisture saturation within the pore structure of substrates. Scaling begins with the first freeze-thaw cycle and will continue through successive winter seasons resulting in repeated loss of the concrete surface, eventually leading to spalling, pop-outs and ultimately failure if left untreated.

PENTRA-硬 EDH penetrates the substrate, and chemically reacts with the free lime in the concrete. This chemical reaction will enhance the durability of the concrete and help prevent corrosion and deterioration from water, deicing chemicals, acid rain, and freeze-thaw cycles.

PENTRA-硬 ® 是先进的混凝土技术 (超前性) 的商标和独家授权代顿优越和收敛混凝土技术有限责任公司 (趋同)。纳米锂 ®, (NL) 品牌名称和标志是先进的混凝土技术的商标, 有限责任公司 ("超前性") 和许可的代顿/趋同, 根据非独家合作品牌/技术许可证。保留所有权利。代顿高级制造和销售的产品受美国专利和/或在先进混凝土技术授予的许可权下的专利的保护;其他专利待定。

PENTRA-硬 EDH is a treatment for cementitious materials designed to improve the anti-scaling, abrasion resistance, and durability of driveways, sidewalks, entrances, patios, loading docks, parking garages, pavers and for any other suitable exterior concrete. PENTRA-HARD EDH will help reduce the effects of scaling and friction loss.

产品代码 包装
145603 1加仑水罐 (4/箱)
145604 5加仑桶
145605 55加仑滚筒
145606 275加仑手提包
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PENTRA #174; 增稠剂

化学品 |液体 |液体 Densifiers

PENTRA #174; 完成

化学品 |液体 |液体 Densifiers

PENTRA #174; 守卫

化学品 |液体 |液体 Densifiers

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